Rosacea Facial

Say Goodbye to Rosacea with our Rosacea Rescue Facial!

While traditional facials can be too harsh or aggressive to treat sensitive rosacea-prone skin, our speciallydesigned Rosacea Rescue Facial is carefully formulated to target redness-causing inflammation, diminishthe signs of rosacea, and bring out your beautiful glow! It can even strengthen sensitive skin and restorehealthy skin flora, to reduce future rosacea flare ups!

What is a Rosacea Rescue Facial?

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition characterized by sensitive skin, flushing, and redness in thecheeks, nose and other parts of the face. The Rosacea Rescue facial provides a safe and effectivealternative for you!

What are the benefits of a Rosacea Rescue Facial?

While designed to calm and reduce signs of rosacea, it can also be beneficial for anyone struggling withsensitive or reactive skin. Using super ingredients like Micro Silver and CBD, the Rosacea Rescue Facialpromotes barrier repair, strengthens capillary walls and reduces skin redness. Plus, this treatment helpsfight free radical damage and restores the skin to homeostasis.

What conditions can be treated or improved by a Rosacea Rescue Facial?

  • Mild to moderate rosacea
  • Sensitive
  • Reactive skin
  • Dry or damaged skin


What to expect

Your facialist will begin with a double cleanse to purify and nourish the skin. An oxygenating treatmentmay be applied at the discretion of your esthetician to promote circulation and repair in the tissue.Masking is followed by a custom combination of targeted serums and finishing products, curated to boostand protect your skin.

Before & Aftercare

Preparation for a Rosacea Rescue Facial is minimal, but, you will want to avoid other invasive proceduresor professional exfoliating treatments about two weeks prior to treatment. A few days before yourappointment, discontinue any at-home exfoliation including use of Vitamin A or retinol products.Post-facial, your skin may be more sun sensitive. Sun protection will be applied immediately followingyour treatment and you will want to be sure to reapply often as part of your aftercare. We recommend thatyou continue to use gentle, hydrating and soothing products as instructed by your esthetician. Avoidexcessive sun exposure and wait until your skin has healed before resuming other exfoliation or retinolusage.

Results & Maintenance

How often you need a Rosacea Rescue Facial will depend on your skin concerns. Because rosacea is achronic condition, it responds well to consistent gentle treatments and regular facials. For best results youmay need to start by getting a Rosacea Rescue Facial every two to four weeks. Once your skin begins toshow improvement, you may find you need a facial only every four to six weeks.To maintain results in between visits, it’s important to choose high-quality home care products with gentleingredients that soothe inflammation and promote repair. Keep the skin hydrated and always apply SPFdaily to protect your investment!

Rosacea Facial
$ 90 treatment
Rosacea Facial
$ 170 2 treatments
Rosacea Facial
$ 330 4 treatments