Light Up Your Face with Our Signature Face Lifting Massage

You might be expecting pampering and relaxation when you come in for a face massage. How about we get rid of some extra years from your beautiful face? At SI Glam Glow Esthetics in Staten Island, we offer our signature anti-aging face-lifting massage.

Relaxing & Anti-Aging Natural Facelift Massage in New York City

This face massage is a skin rejuvenating treatment that lifts, tones, and firms facial muscles. Our trained experts apply a series of specialized facial massage strokes that leaves your face glowing for several days. You won’t find a better natural facelift massage in New York City. Call us today to schedule an appointment. Let us take down a few years from your beaming face while you lie down and simply relax!

How Our Face Lifting Massage Works

At our Staten Island esthetics studio, you will get a face-lifting massage that is completely natural and safe and has anti-aging benefits. Your face massage will involve no machines and zero artificial products. Our gentle, relaxing, and non-invasive technique is aimed at rejuvenating your skin naturally so that you will feel younger and fresh. Our experts use a specific energy-balancing light massage (LED light therapy) that releases facial muscle tension and ensures proper muscle-lifting, lymphatic drainage, and contouring.

After only a few sessions, you will find firm, tightened, and glowing skin on your face. This natural approach stimulates the lymphatic system that gets rid of the toxins from your body. It further helps in reducing bags and puffiness around your eyes and sagginess near your jaws and cheeks. You will notice an immediate improvement after the very first session.

Why Choose Our Best Face Lift Massage In NYC

Our skin experts have years of experience and they will create a result-oriented facial treatment customized to your skin type and skin concerns. Here are some benefits of our natural face lifting massage:

  • It tightens your face muscles and offers anti-aging benefits
  • It reduces the appearance of sagging skin, crow’s feet, and wrinkles
  • It increases blood flow and oxygen to your facial skin cells
  • It gets rids of any tension trapped in the facial muscles
  • It brings down the under-eye bags and puffiness
  • It will cleanse your facial skin of impurities
  • It may reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • And yes, it is extremely relaxing and pampering

What to Expect from Our Natural Face Lift Massage?

Our facelift massage usually lasts for about an hour. Most of our clients notice visible improvement after the first session. However, since this is a natural treatment, the result may vary. We use targeted LED light therapy that is extremely helpful in reducing wrinkles and boosting collagen production.

We generally recommend a series of 6 treatments (once per week). You should expect your younger and radiant look to last anywhere between two to six months. We also offer maintenance treatments if required.

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Do you want to shed some extra years from your face? Contact our licensed esthetician to schedule an appointment and get the best anti-aging natural facelift massage in New York.