Supercharge Your Look.

We all search far and wide to reverse the aging process on our skin. It's a natural part of life and happens to everyone. However, what if there was a revolutionary new method that delivers the anti-aging results we seek? Our new Microcurrent Facial taps into microcurrent technologies to refresh and revitalize skin.
The 30-minute treatment uses nourishing serums and soft wave currents to rejuvenate eyes, lips, facial contour, and skin tones. The technology also removes wrinkles by comfortably tightening your neck and face and addressing any further blemishes in the process. The Microcurrent Facial is the ultimate anti-aging treatment.

The Science Behind a Microcurrent Facial

The Microcurrent Facial uses safe and secure electricity-based technologies to bring the most resounding results to your skin. Low-voltage electricity from the device emits stimulating effects to the facial muscles - a kind of 'workout' for your face. The effects of the process will get the facial muscles more sculpted, encourage the growth of ATP and help with collagen development.

Microcurrent uses small positive and negative electric charges to stimulate your muscles and skin. The electricity applied resembles the natural currents in your body that aim for the same areas - only not as targeted. The treatment provides a more focused, in-depth revitalization that's safe, secure, and accredited with health authorities.

The process of a Microcurrent Facial includes the application of a safe, low-voltage current that addresses the cellular levels of skin and muscles. The technology uses soft-wave therapy to uplift any wrinkles and minimize any wrinkles. The final stage includes a flush of anti-aging serum to refresh your skin to create a glowing appearance.

Paring our Microcurrent Facials with our revered microdermabrasion treatments can have remarkable effects on your skin. A session that includes both treatments will see stunning results, improving the shape and color of skin. The process is as rewarding as relaxing - sit back, and enjoy while we address years of skin damage and pollutants.

Most facials and skin treatments are associated with long processes where you are under the spotlights for an hour. Our Microcurrent Facial packs a wealth of beneficial treatment into one 30-minute session. The treatment is fast, painless, and delivers the most energizing results found anywhere. Anti-aging treatments have never been so effective.

Microcurrent Facial treatments developed along with the principles of safety, painlessness, and non-invasiveness. An ultrasonic gel is used as the conductor to penetrate the skin and stimulate muscles. During treatment, you may feel slight tinglings near hairlines, but the treatment is not painful. Should you have any metal fillings, you might have a metallic taste in your mouth. Otherwise, the treatment is perfectly safe - life can go on as usual after the treatment finishes.

We welcome anybody looking to improve their skin, from the minor blemishes to the aging wrinkles. Those looking to firm up and lift skin against lines and wrinkles would most benefit from the Microcurrent Facial. The treatment is non-invasive, and results are noticeable in a near-instant after the first session. However, we advise those diagnosed with epilepsy, are pregnant or breastfeeding, should not attend the Microcurrent Facial treatment.

One 30-minute treatment and you will see the effects almost immediately. For visible results with lasting effects, our specialists recommend a minimum of 10 treatments.