Eyelash Extensions

eyelash extensions
eyelash extensions

Want Eyes That Pop?

Reinvent your look and draw attention to your eyes by glamming it up with eyelash extensions. A custom lash design, matched to your eye shape and beauty goals, will complement your favorite makeup and outfit, and inject you with a boost of bold confidence. No need for mascara. Pain-free, waterproof, luxury lash extensions are sure to turn heads.

 What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a series of fiber lashes that mimic real eyelashes and are attached with a special glue to enhance the look of your natural lash line. Individual extensions are attached to each lash and can be styled numerous ways to add length, volume, shape, curl and dimension.

 What are the benefits of eyelash extensions?

You will love the way extensions give you fuller, longer lashes 24/7. Lash extensions are virtually waterproof and need only basic cleaning in between fills, making them essential for low-maintenance glam.

What to expect

Your lash stylist will work with you to determine the look that you are going for. Lash artists are able to hand-select different lengths and create a variety of styles - everything from natural glamour to dramatic.

Each lash is individually applied and your first set of extensions will take time - anywhere from one to three hours. Your lash artist will cleanse the eye area and begin the application process.

 Before & Aftercare

Prior to your appointment, avoid using makeup or oil-based products around the eye area. This includes eyeliners, shadows, creams, serums or foundations. Wear comfortable clothing for lying down in, take a restroom break and consider skipping caffeinated beverages, so that you are completely relaxed.

After your appointment you will need to limit certain activities for about 24-48 hours, so as to let the lash adhesive completely bond and dry. During this time we advise that you not get your lash extensions wet. Avoid showering, steam rooms or exposing them to excessive heat.

 Results & Maintenance

Most people naturally shed about four to six eyelashes daily. This will vary somewhat depending upon how you care for your extensions, and how fast or slow your natural lashes shed and grow. To keep your lash fringe looking fresh and to replenish lost lashes, we recommend a refill treatment approximately every two to four weeks.

With proper care and maintenance, extensions should stay bonded to your natural lash for the entirety of its normal growth cycle. Clean your lashes with gentle, water-based cleansers and continue to avoid oil-based or waterproof products which can break down lash adhesive quicker. If possible, mind how you sleep and be careful not to rub your eyes.

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