Ever wondered about the secret behind celebrities having fuller-looking eyebrows?  The answer is brow lamination, a process that involves the straightening and lifting of the hairs by using a chemical solution and moving them into the desired shape. The best brow lamination techniques in New York help people cover any gaps or stray areas in the brow. Brow lamination is, however, different from microblading which involves the use of semi-permanent dye strokes to fill in your brows. We have experts who can straighten and lift your natural hairs to provide them a full and feathered look without using any kind of dye or tattoos.

Guide to Brow Treatment in Staten Island

Your pursuit of thick and bushy eyebrows ends when you visit our salon in Staten Island. While threading, tinting, and microblading can make up for the lack of hair, shape or color in your eyebrows, brow lamination is what works to provide them a fuller and feathery look. The process involves the use of hard-wearing brow gel. The treatment is simple and gives a natural look.

Brow lamination is different from brow perming and is recommended for people:

  • Who have hair that is irregular in direction and difficult to tame
  • Who have gaps in between hairs
  • Who are looking to have a groomed, brushed-up look

What Does Brow Lamination Involve?

The process involves two steps to lift the brows by brushing a solution (generally a brow lift cream) through the eyebrow hairs and leaving it for some time to make them soft and malleable. In the next step, the brows are brushed into the desired position followed by the application of a laminating solution (nourishing cream) to keep them in place. Our experts will also guide you about the precautions to be taken after the procedure. You will be advised not to wet your brows for 24 hours which means no hot showers or swimming or exercising.

Brow Lamination vs  Microblading

Often confused with Microblading, eyebrow lamination is a faster and more affordable way to get the brows in the desired shape. Lamination is preferred over Microblading since it does not involve the use of any kind of needles. Microblading involves the addition of tattooed hair strokes to the eyebrow to give it the desired look while lamination involves straightening of the hair in the desired shape.

Why Choose SI Glam Glow Esthetics?

Our studio in Staten Island is known for its quality services. Our brow expert first review and prepare your eyebrows for the process by cleansing them properly and assessing their nature. They may also recommend a patch test to check for any kind of allergy to the solutions that are going to be applied to the brow hair. This is followed by a discussion on what type of look or shape you are looking for. We advise you to grow your eyebrows for at least three weeks before you take an appointment to allow us to deliver the desired results.

The natural, fluffy look generally stays for eight weeks. The treatment also helps to coax your brow hairs to grow in the desired direction. Once you go for brow lamination, you can also expect to have better hair growth which will allow you to extend the time between treatments.