Affordable Eyelash Extensions

Affordable Eyelash Extensions | Classic Eyelash Extensions, NEW YORK

Nail that dashing look in New York

What’s your taste, or better still, what impression do you want to leave on people?

We all want different things, for example, a simple but sophisticated look, or one that adds more drama.

Whichever you want, I come with good news!

Our technicians just need to know what look you crave and will give you the exact eyelash extensions suitable for your needs.

However, you may get confused about which eyelash extensions to choose from.

We are here to eliminate all this confusion and ensure you make the perfect choice for your desired look.

Browse these 3 options you have the luxury to choose from;


If you want a look that people who know what eyelash extensions are will notice, then a classic eyelash extension is what you need. They are beautiful simple-looking lash extensions. As the appellation perfectly describes it, they are “classic”.

Our technicians will typically apply them on a 1.1 ratio, which means one extension on one natural lash. This is the general standard and our technicians are keen to respect them.


If you want to look like those models on Instagram this is perfect for you. Instead of the 1:1 ratio of classic lashes, you’ll get 1:3 or 1:5. Our technicians will create the most flexible lash extensions set for you. Volume lashes will also give you gorgeous looking enhancements, which will be wonderful for everyday fullness.

Amazing right?

The last one is mind-blowing.


The best of both worlds. With hybrid eyelash extensions, you’ll get a mixture of both classic and volume eyelash extensions. Say a 70-30 mixture. If you are looking to get that Kardashian look then the hybrid affordable eyelash extensions is for you. It is wispy and natural, with a bit of drama.

So, what’s your preference?

Contact us and nail that look.